No.1 Mr. Perfect (Mr. Perfect)

Story is about Vicky, an expert in gaming software, lives in Australia
and never compromises in his life, a principle he adheres to since his
childhood. He believes that one should be oneself in a relationship and
one shouldn't change one's orientation for the sake of the partner. He
also encourages his friends to follow his principle of life. But Vicky's
principles and attitude leads to a clash of interests with his father,
who constantly advises him to adjust his character for his and other's
happiness but to no avail. Meanwhile in India, Vicky's parents arrange a
wedding alliance between him and Priya, Vicky's childhood friend who is
a doctor by profession. She and Vicky are poles apart; while Vicky is
modern in his thinking and is not ready to compromise with his life,
Priya is traditional and conservative and is ready to compromise for the
happiness of others. Initially, Vicky and Priya do not get along well,
and both play practical jokes on one another. But later, on her father's
advice, Priya attempts to change her attitude towards Vicky. Soon Priya
falls in love with Vicky and changes in many ways for him, such as
giving up her love of classical dance as Vicky does not like it, eating
non-vegetarian food and wearing modern dresses. Vicky too begins to fall
in love with her and is ready to accept the wedding proposal until he
finds out that Priya has compromised on her interests for his sake. He
rejects the wedding proposal and returns to Australia. Back in
Australia, Vicky is matched up through a Cadbury survey with Maggie, a
free-spirited modern girl who shares his no-compromise attitude. Both of
them meet at a mall and interested in each other, begin to date and
soon decide to get married. However, Maggie's father is none other than
the MindGames head's brother, who is unwilling to let Vicky marry
Maggie. After much persuasion from Vicky, Maggie's father agrees to let
Vicky marry Maggie on the condition that he should stay in his house for
4 days for Maggie's sister's wedding and if Vicky manages to win over
at least 2 relatives of Maggie, he can marry her and he would get a
business in India else he should forget Maggie and leave the contract.
But Vicky changes the condition that if at least 1 relative of Maggie
does not get convinced that Vicky is the correct match for Maggie then
he would forget Maggie and leave the contract, else he would marry
Maggie and does not leave the contract. Soon, the relatives begin
pouring in from India and among them, to Vicky's shock, is Priya, who
happens to be the groom's cousin. During the 4 days, with the help of
Priya, he manages to win over the entire family. It is clear that Vicky
is going to win Maggie's father's challenge. Priya leaves for India on
the night before Vicky wins the challenge, heartbroken at the thought
that Vicky is marrying someone else. Vicky receives a message Priya had
recorded prior to him rejecting her on his mobile phone where she had
declared her love for him. He gains a change of heart on seeing this
message and realises how much Priya had loved him and was willing to
change for him, in spite of his faults. He also realises the need for
compromises in life. Vicky conveys his feelings to all the wedding
guests present and decides not to marry Maggie. Maggie understands his
feelings and accepts his decision. Vicky returns to India to win back
Priya. After initially playing hard-to-get, Priya accepts Vicky's love
and they live happily ever after.